Some info about the blog’s design/outlook.

[EDIT: Okay, turns out I’m obsessed. So… probably too much info about the blog’s design/outlook. Consider yourself forewarned. ;))]

I always loved to know about fellow creatives’ processes when I was trying to figure out how to build a blog. I have tried many blogging platforms (Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Ghost, Github Pages, WordPress.com and WordPress.org…). WordPress.com ended up suiting my needs perfectly for now, because not only is it easy to use, with a great built-in “Help” feature (including live chat support), but it also has a built-in community of fellow bloggers, accessible by a kind of back-end reader feed. It’s also very easy to manage your own content, unlike a magazine-style platform like Medium.com. The community, and easy content management, makes blogging a lot of fun.

Platform: WordPress.com. Why wordpress.com instead of wordpress.org? Basically because it’s free, with reasonably-priced upgrade options, and it takes care of things like security certificates and all that. I’m not that excited about the tech nor admin side of things. So it’s just better for me. Most pros swear by WordPress.org, self-hosted sites. Maybe I’ll get there one day, but not now. #loveyourprocess #thewayismadebywalking #justgetstarted #havefun.

Theme: Independent Publisher. Easy-peasy. It was the default theme that WordPress selected for my blog based on what I said the site would be used for (personal stories, I think I said). I then applied the built-in teal colour palette option. I removed the default top menu bar, and added a side-menu with a bunch of widgets. (Widgets are those things you see in the side bar: Menu, Blogroll/Resources, Follow button, Archive, etc. You can pick what you like and add them on. It’s fun!)

Blog changes log/history:  

  • 2019-03-28: This site was created (current URL: sobrietytree.home.blog) and first blog posts written and published (typed directly into WP editor)
  • 2019-04-02: Site design was modified (menus/widgets)
  • 2019-04-02: This “specs” page was created and published
  • 2019-04-03: Twitter account created (@sobrietytree)
  • 2019-04-07: Instagram account created (@sobrietytree — added text to logo image “writing with a tree about sobriety” — considered updating blog tagline “talking with a tree about sobriety” as well but don’t think I did)
  • 2019-04-22: Changed tagline (on a whim, mid-post) from “talking[/writing] with a tree about sobriety” to “putting in roots; mixing metaphors at the leaf level”
  • 2019-04-27: WordPress added (many) ads to the site, on this one-month soberversary. Prior to this date there were no ads. Debating getting the paid plan to remove the ads… (Note: I, the author, do not benefit financially from the ads, apart from the fact that the ads, in providing revenue to WordPress, allow WordPress to provide me with this free hosting/web-building/blogging tool/service. Thank you WordPress! I also do not receive any other monetary compensation for this blog. It’s a labour of blogging-addiction-I-mean-love. ;))
  • 2019-05-19: Upgraded to paid WordPress plan (Personal Plan – €4/month with 20% discount applied (thanks WP!); includes one year of registration for sobrietytree.com)
  • 2019-07-07: changed displayed username on a whim, from “sobrietytree” to “treelover.” had been toying with the idea “sobernadine” but so far no. Then immediately changed it back.
  • have temporarily made the blog private a number of times, during fits of FUD. most recently 2019-09-22 to 2019-09-?? and again starting 2019-09-30 through to 2019-10-??
  • Update October 2019: have temporarily switched most older posts to “private” mode while I sort out some tech/FUD/security-related issues (and in the meantime continue blogging); hoping to resolve these soon


A few guidelines I jot down here, now, mainly for myself, but also for others, for use on this site and perhaps elsewhere.

Comment policy:

I encourage all people to join in while using compassionate and contributive/constructive communication skills. WordPress uses Gravatar to manage comments. You might like to do some research on Gravatar, if you’re a non-WP visitor here, before you sign up for it. If you wish to remain anonymous, please take the steps to do so — you can use DuckDuckGo to research how. (But of course use your anonymity mindfully, creatively, kindly, and courageously.)


Ideally, let’s discuss ideas and feelings; not people.

Ideally, let’s be positive and constructive, not negative and destructive.

Ideally, let’s be inclusive, not exclusive.

Ideally, let’s be aware, brave and kind; not reactive, cowardly and rude.

Let’s share knowledge and resources creatively, not hoard them competitively.

— Me: I’m really bad at all this.

— Self: Try to improve.



sobrietytree @ gmail.com