Understanding the status quo

The other day I was thiiiiisss close (holds pinch fingers one millimetre apart) to taking a drink. Even knowing from past experience that “one” drink would mean one more drink, and then another.

And maybe that would be it for the night, since I am pretty good at self-control and always have been. Of course, one might think the opposite of someone with a sobriety blog.

But make no mistake. Those of us here in the honesty arena are different than the status quo.

The status quo drinks before they think.

The status quo is in denial about their own habits.

And… the status quo wakes up with a headache and/or a grumpy attitude most mornings.

Those of us here in post-pink-cloudland are not high on life every single minute, yet still we persevere past that occasional heavy craving. Just one more day.

Because we know it will pass… and because life feels more aware, and more meaningful, this way.



Thanks for being the awesome folks I think about before taking that “one” drink.

Hugs and love,

xoxo n/stl

10 thoughts on “Understanding the status quo

  1. I felt exactly the same last weekend Nadine. I actually sat in the garden feeling like shit and imagined a cold glass of Chablis and taking that first sip. It was hard. I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t but that never goes away does it? Sending love and hugs. Xxx

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    1. It so rarely happens now… but every now and then it’s pretty damn powerful, the “ah, so what” feeling. I think it’s the background accountability of this blog that keeps me going some days. Thanks so much, and for the love and hugs. Sending some back. 🤗💛

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