Entheogens – the self-talking comment/love-letter I did not hit “send” on, to Anne

Well… I’m trying to learn, dear friends… not to write all about myself in the comments on other people’s blogs — much as I’m self-absorbed ;)), and much as I love if/when they ever do the same on mine. Difficult though it is, for a story-babbling rambler like me… one must try. :))

I did love Anne’s shrooms post, though, and it got me to write about some of my own experience, over-stretching that little love-lettering comment field…  and so I share it here, along with my deleted-from-there response.

Is that weird, especially on a sobriety blog? Yes?!?!? Perfect. I love weird. Let’s all stay weird. And interconnectedly wired… at least at the soul level. ;))

Day 200: Shrooms and quarantine ?!! — via Nomorebeer2019

Yep, you heard me. But first, I would like to make a clear disclaimer: Most of them are illegal, and for a reason. MANY of them will lead to addictive, self-destructive and sometimes deadly situations. As for the special class of Psychedelics, they can be dangerous if taken unsafely and without preparation, and can provide […] – Anne [with an E! ;))], of CanIreallyBeSober.home.blog

Click here to read the whole post –  Day 200: Shrooms and quarantine ?!! — via Nomorebeer2019 – CanIreallyBeSober.home.blog (or WP Reader link: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/98839521/posts/2635554959)


My deleted-from-there bla bla bla reply…

Gorgeous post, Anne…. I’m all for it. I’ve only done them a handful of times, maybe less, that’s all I felt needed I guess. More than two decades ago (ayayay, I’m old. ;))

Even one good-conditions experience can be enough, to access deep understanding of spiritual interconnectivity.

That rainbow mushroom graphic alone, sent me into a positive reverie of one of my own very few positive entheogen experiences: on a beach at low tide, watching the sky, with the shallowest waves washing over me and my future life-mate. It looked nothing like your post image of course — it looked like clouds and sun and sea, and love, pure Love… but the image brings back the feeling.

In my youth I was always fascinated by the idea of hallucinogenics/entheogens; read about them in my teens and wrote high school papers on them; I was lucky to have awesome parents, in this regard, haha. But I agree, it should wait till adulthood.

I tried LSD once or twice in my teens with a pack of fellow fringe kids — once at a Pink Floyd concert — and it wasn’t positive. It was mixed with alcohol, probably marijuana as well (the latter of which was never good for me), confusing and disorienting (not to mention risky! God I don’t know how I was always so lucky! Must have been someone watching out for me… ;))  and I would have been way better off enjoying the music sober — if I’d only known how to do that without seeming uncool. ;)) (Though I NEVER would have admitted to buckling to peer pressure, back then — not me, no, I was a rebel! Lol.)

Then I tried it once again as a young adult, with some very trusted family-like folks that my high school bestie and I had met on our backpacking travels in Europe, the summer before we went to university… it was incredible. Universal awakening at the deepest core level.

There are all kinds of ways of accessing the divine energies; now I prefer other ways, like the Buddhist ones of meditation and mindfulness, that don’t use any substances; but I knew nothing or little of those, growing up. My dad had travelled through India and was more into ideas like those of Ram Dass and Bhagavan Das and all that, and he and my mom had some amazing free-spirited friends that would pass through our suburban household, from time to time, and tell us of their experiences.

I think it’s awesome when people like you write about experiences like these — it’s truthful, brave and kind. Especially when they include some knitting porn at the end. 🧶💙😍😉😆

Thank you, dear, dear friend. 🙏😘💖🌿 xoxo nadine/stl


OMGGGGGGGGGG….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (Image courtesy of “Hippie Anne” [with an E].) With gratitude. 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 🙏  💋


*Wikipedia link to entheogens: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entheogen

11 months + 28 days sustained sobriety from all non-food “drugs” (namely alcohol, for me) other than caffeine; day 9 of sobriety from monitoring sites with imagined/perceived intermittent gossip/blogger-abuse. Holy shit!!! This is freaking major progress!!!  And ANNE – something else I forgot to say – congrats on 200 DAYYYYYYYSSSS!!!!! . 🎉🎉🙌😍 ❤️ 👏🌱🌷☀️🌿😘🤗

22 thoughts on “Entheogens – the self-talking comment/love-letter I did not hit “send” on, to Anne

    1. Hahahaha Jim, you sound like my hubs, every home-made pizza night. “Fun guys,” indeed 😂#CornyJokeMastersInTheHouse 🤙🤘
      p.s. we don’t use hallucinogens on the pizza… maybe next decade, though. ;))

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  1. What an awesome comment. I get something like that once every 30 posts and I love it. I’m constantly writing about myself in the comments section. Why? I read blogs to connect with others, They told a story about themselves, So I tell them one about me. Isn’t that how friendships start? I know some people think I’m kooky, but that’s just part of having the courage to blog. Ya gotta deal with the kooks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I love your comments. Including this one. I feel the same way about it being like a conversation… as you say, that’s how friendships start. And lol so true! If you’re a kook, I’m definitely one too. :))

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  2. Loved this! Everything about it but especially the way you told your past experiences. You are such an endearing person, and everything you say so relatable and honest. Sorry, I have been WP absent last little while xoxo

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    1. Aw thanks Rachel. You are always so kind. Don’t worry, I totally understand it! I’m having a very hard time keeping up with all the feeds… and lagging behind myself. But it’s good to allow absence sometimes… both from others and for ourselves. :))) xoxoxo

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    1. Thank you Jackie, you’re so supportive it’s awesome, I very very much appreciate all you do. Thank you thank you thank you 😚✌️👯‍♂️❤️😊


  3. Nadiiiiine ❤ wowowow I never expected getting such a beautiful, understanding comment as this for a shroom post 🙂 I am truly truly touched an honored to be mentioned on your blog and that you spent all this time writing this, and am SO grateful it didn't disappear into the void 🙂 [ Jim on the other hand called me a drug fiend !!! lol JIM, I AM JOKING]. Nadine, I deeply respect and admire your ability to experience the "Universal awakening at the deepest core level" early on with your second LSD experience. I don't think I'm quite ready for the intensity of LSD yet. I've only ever tried half a dose and (a long time ago) and immediately felt how a "proper" acid trip would involve … a serious time and emotional commitment, let's say 🙂 So I still have a long way to go before I can learn, like you, how to fully let go and trust. Trust that thing. That tree, that higher self, that whateverwecallit. Maybe we're all just trying to do that: truuuuuuuust, and wake up. Thankfully, meditation is a safe, gradual and non-scary way to learn how do it. Psychedelics seem to me to be a more intense shortcut to the same place, especially well-adapted to the braver people LIKE YOU 🙂 Thank you for your words and linking me in your post and for encouraging us all to trust ❤ xxx Lots of love, xxx Anne

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    1. Ahhh that’s great, thank you dear Anne. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind. 😚😇It didn’t take long. I type fast and it was done on a whim. :)))))

      I definitely do not plan on doing LSD again in this lifetime. I kind of like to try things once or twice sometimes, and call it a day. And that was a couple decades ago now. ;)) 🚐🚐

      Meditation, or writing, is my new way. That was the point of this sober journey, kind of, hey hey. ;)) Fifth training, underway. 😉💖🌷

      Much love to you, and thanks for always being such an empathic sweetheart… to all and everyone. Such a light you are. ☀️💓


      1. yep, I agree with the primacy of the meditation/writing journey over any fast track chemically-induced state 🙂 Thank you for being such a warm and luminous presence Nadine ! ❤ Stay well xxx Anne

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  4. Loved this. I’ve had my fair share of psychedelic experiences, and I have to agree that they are special and, when you are lucky, truly a connection to the mysteries of the universe. And, yes, long live weird! ❤️🌱

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