9+16 – love is an achievement – and the four agreements

Please self, remember this:

Love is more important than achievement.

Love is achievement.

And… stop feeling all sorry for yourself for this or that supposed inflicted injury.

It’s not necessary nor real.

Stop taking things personally.

Or rather, take all things as though they have nothing whatsoever to do with you personally.

The four agreements, rephrased slightly for positivity/achievability:

  • Be conscientious with your word
  • Take things impersonally
  • Assume nothing
  • Your best is good enough.


Wrote that in my journal this afternoon. It’s a bit rough, but thought I’d share it here. It helps me to I remember that I’m not in charge of the world, nor, oddly, does it revolve around me. ;))

The actual Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz, as printed in this little pocket version of the book, which I bought many years ago, during a ferry ride on the west coast of Canada:




(Sometimes we have to gift ourselves the things we really want – especially if they’re pocket-sized words of wisdom. ;))

Jacquelyn’s lovely recent post inspired me to post some book photos.  :)) 🌱


About love being an achievement — I was talking about unconditional love, or the Buddhist concept of true love, which, coincidentally, also involves four elements:

  • Maitri (kindness, benevolence)
  • Karuna (compassion, understanding)
  • Mudita (finding joy in bringing happiness to others)
  • Upsheka (freedom, non-attachment from views)

(There are many articles on this concept over the Internet. Most of them covered in dodgy-looking dating ads, so I won’t list them here. ;)) Wikipedia lists each concept separately, and together they are also sometimes called “The Four Immeasurable Virtues,” if you wish to do some further research.)

If we can practice kindness and compassion, impart joy to others while experiencing it ourselves, and retain our sense of personal freedom and detachment while doing that, well, what could be a better achievement? Sounds like nirvana to me. :))

Lots of love, friends; thanks for all your sharings, truths, inspiration and/or good vibes,

xo n/stl



9 months, 16 days alcohol free


15 thoughts on “9+16 – love is an achievement – and the four agreements

  1. OMGosh I love this! I love The Four Agreements ( never heard of them until now ) and that book is really cool! I love my Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman book and it’s older like yours and I love the “dateness” look to it. Did I just make up a word? LOL Glad you posted and you’re so sweet for mentioning me!! ❤

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    1. Aw thank you so much Jackie. 😊🙏Yeah the agreements are a good guide. Poor little book, has been tumbled about my handbag more than it’s actually been re-read, truth be told. 😉But lately I’ve been glimpsing at it when I wait for the kids etc. :)) I haven’t yet read Leaves of Grass… must add it to the list. 🙏 Dateness, I love it! And yay about the mention. Your photos inspired me. :)) ❤︎xoxoxo

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  2. lately i have been re exploring ashtanga yoga along with my “Zen for Dummies” book..lol..yeah…thats correct- i am pretty much a dummy when it comes to the foreign words and all.But the concepts are there and i love re reading the zazens and one hand clapping blurbs….:)

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    1. I’m a dummy as well. 🤙😏😄Also not a great memory for terms and whatnot. One hand clapping blurbs… will google that one, rings a distant bell. At the monatery we went to they had a very big bell, and audience clapping was replaced by rotating the hands shimmeringly in the air, with fingers pointing upward, l think symbolizing showers of flowers if I remember right. Thanks for your comment :))) Xoxoxoxo

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  3. I loooove the rephrasing “slightly for positivity/achievability” of the four principles 🙂 much better 🙂 . These days I am also trying to rephrase instructions and wordings so that they “feel” right – a.k.a. doable 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤ xxx Anne

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  4. Nadine, my spiritual guide and mentor. There was me thinking about my personal agreements to eat blue cheese at least three times a week and buy at least one new guitar each year and now I feel so shallow and superficial. Your words will push me into becoming a better person, I promise! Seriously though a lovely post and food for thought.
    Jim x

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