Creativity prayer for a deeper power

Want to share with you a prayer. I know not everyone uses faith in a “higher power” (or, as I sometimes call it, deeper power, or “tree”) to stay sober from whatever ails them. But I like to, and though I often forget to call upon it, it also feels that the more I forget, the more difficult life feels; and the more difficult life feels, the more I wonder what’s the point in trying so hard to do things well… which is essentially despair. Where despair is, hope is not; and we all know that ain’t good; not for sobriety, nor for any other positive behaviour.

We can also see our network of friends or family as a deeper power; and that support is, in fact, invaluable, and I believe, a manifestation of it. But sometimes, for me at least, things feel overwhelming or cluttered in my head, even if I’ve been experiencing wonderful connections, I start to fall into old patterns of getting overstimulated or feeling pulled in different directions. This is usually because I’ve lost touch with inner peace.

So anyway, here is my prayer. It can feel awkward to connect with “tree” on social media (including on blogs), and that’s part of why I don’t do that often. But I think meditation in action can also be a balm, not just for the meditator, but also for the reader, so 

just going to let it flow.

Creativity prayer of service, to a deeper power

Dear spirit, great angel, wide tree
of golding leaves,

I feel the power in thee, deeply rooted.

Let it surge within me.

I lay my Self before thee
please absorb it

transform it
dissolve it

and let creativity flow free;
to remove any fear

and let love stay within me.

Keep me calm, keep me still,
let me do the next right thing;

let me give water to those
who thirst;

where there is sadness,
let me sing.

let me never do too much

and at day’s end get my rest

let me be quiet in myself,

and let thy spirit

do the rest.


* * *

~; 7 months plus 2 days

There is also the step 3 AA prayer, which helped inspire this, and which can be found here, in Chapter 5 of the Big Book, p. 63:

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