Day 176 – universe willing

Here’s what I have done so far today:

  • Got up at 04:24. Wrote about 2900 words. Then went to work (real housewifing) at 07:20.
  • Did first school run. On time.
  • Took younger kids for walk around lake. Did my exercises on the sand (50 situps, 28 push-ups, a bunch of leg-lifts, a yoga sun salutation). Chatted with dog-walkers. Answered kids’ questions. Enjoyed nature. Did second school run. On time.
  • Stopped by a grieving neighbour’s house. Listened and hugged. And listened and hugged some more.
  • Cleaned the kitchen.
  • Did a bit more writing to try to somewhat finish where I’d left off. Now 3257 words. Wondered whether to post it. And on which blog. Then realized it’s too long. And not really finished. So forget it. Ozymandian drafts.
  • Now it’s almost time to pick up the kids for lunch.

And… I have no shame hangover. Not from drinking too much wine at least. Yes, sometimes I have “creative shame.” I know I post weird stuff sometimes. But I do it sober. And with the intention to help, more than anything. So, even if I’m crazy, and unclear, I’m being that, and doing that, in my “rightest” right mind. And the rest can be fixed later. Probably thanks to sobriety.

With that in mind, I want to say something… to all you folks contemplating sobriety…

I love it. I would not go back. And, if the Universe lets me have my way… as much as I once loved wine, my love affair with it is over, and… I *will* not go back.

Hope you are well.

sending love,

xo n


2019-09-21 14:14 Edit: post title changed from “if I have my way” to “universe willing”… of course. ;))

9 thoughts on “Day 176 – universe willing

    1. thank you… I’m glad I did it, though it was hard to “come out of my shell.” It was a sudden death; her middle-aged son died of heart attack in his sleep. Devastating. Good reminder to us all, to love our people. Right now. They could be gone tomorrow.


  1. That’s definitely a productive morning! I am so proud of you for doing so much exercise. Also glad that you took time out of your day to support a grieving neighbor.

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  2. wow. the morning of a true bodhisattva and artist all combined into one 🙂 I wish I lived by a lake ❤ How is lotus coming along ? Handstand is still terrifying. I can now hold 30 seconds facing the wall with one foot in the air and one foot on the wall (clinging to the wall for dear life ^^) When I have something worth showing, I might post a picture up to show you xoxoxo

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    1. OMG!!!!! That is awesome. For lotus, I feel pretty good about it: every day or ever other day at worst, I do about 5-10 minutes of lotus-related stretches. 🏆

      Have not done those yet today. Will do it right…. now. 😎🙏

      Thank you my dear 💗

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