We are the sobriety Scenius

2019-09-11 11:11 Oooh. Angel numbers. I know I’m not going to finish this post but I need to start it before I forget about it.

In going through some old posts, I found one that mentioned my intention to attempt to “moderate” with blogging, “though we all know how that goes.” As I read that, I just thought, hey, I just saw that on so-and-so’s latest post! They are sooooo secretly reading my old posts and copying me! Lol.

Then I realized, there was somewhere else I’d just read that same thought-train. It was in the audio book I’ve been listening to – The Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley. Now, let me get one thing straight: I am sooooooo jealous of Clare Pooley. (She wrote a book! I want to write a book! Cornish vacations! Kids romping on the beach wearing Boden! Downton Abbey accents! etc. :))) But I have never read her blog, nor any of her book, until within the last week or two ago. And I wrote that post about the moderation of blogging way before that, and have thought (and written) about blogging addiction many times before that.

Anyway, point being: I *didn’t* copy Clare. There was no way I could have. Likewise, so-and-so *didn’t* copy me. Instead, this copy-cat-like synchronicity has to do with….


I first saw this word in a book I bought and read several years ago: “Show your work!” By Austin Kleon. Great book. (Though I would have titled it, “SHARE your work”… which I think is more to the point.) Anyway, in that book, Austin talked about Brian Eno’s concept of “scenius,” rather than “genius”:

Brian Eno On Genius, And “Scenius”

(screenshot from synthtopia post about Brian Eno’s concept of scenius)

Collective consciousness. Group mind evolution.

Guys, we are one. And one is All.


xo n/stl

11:26 what? finished? cray-cray.

7 thoughts on “We are the sobriety Scenius

  1. Hah, back in my teens I called this phenomenon ‘surfing other people’s brain waves.’ I think it’s just inevitable that people will get the same/similar ideas or reach similar conclusions based on their available data.

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  2. If I’m part of one of these collective surges in ideas/ creativity can I call myself a scenius.? Kidding aside very interesting post, and Eno is very cool. Good to see sobriety bloggers moving from just counting off the days. I like it. Good stuff. Are you going for the three blog posts day? 😃

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