Day 162 – perils of online shopping

19:59 I have tried on the one-piece bathing suits just for the heck of it. Both a nope of course. Boxed them for return. While I was processing the return Amazon suggested to me the following item:

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 20.06.14
What? Only one and a half stars?


I texted it to my husband and he said the whole office was now planning to pitch in and buy him an actual Borat shoulder-thong. What have I done?! I said it would be okay though as long as he promised not to shave.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 20.20.48
dude! what happened to your body hair!

(really sorry but I’m not a fan of male bikini-line shaving nor chest stubble)


The kids are playing cards. The weather has turned. I am freezing in the mudroom, where my desk is. Actually I have three desks, or surfaces rather, around the house, that I use for my laptop. Nothing’s very organized. Though I have been decluttering. Yes! I have done some good things.

My eldest son is doing great at his new school. I visited him yesterday afternoon, took him out for a snack. I’m amazed at his maturity. Must have skipped a generation!

In sober news, I found some new 0% near-beers at the local shop, they are cranberry-rosemary flavoured. Delish, though they taste nothing like beer (a bonus in my opinion, since I never much liked beer). Zero calories too! Downside is my kids keep wanting to drink them. Which doesn’t feel right somehow, even though they’re zero alcohol and nothing like beer. So I think I’ll stick with Bonne Nouvelle (my favourite AF wine) in future, to avoid the harassment. The boundaries seem more clear to the kids with that one. I’ve still got a bottle open, barely touched, from four days ago. Craziness! Nothing like the old days, with real wine!

How are you all in soberland?

sending love,

xo n/stl.


Edit: oops Day 162 not 163! Forgot to check the counter app! Changed title accordingly.

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