Blogging gets me out of obsessive patterns (day 72) (+++ and thank you!)

06:19 I’m here in my blog now because I’ve been writing in my journal yet feel I didn’t accomplish much there due to my obsessive patterns. I’ve already done my exercises by the way. That is major.

* * *

2018-06-08: This stayed private yesterday, because I didn’t think it was warranted as a post (and because right after writing the above, here in WP’s editor, I dove back into my purge pages).

Making this post public now, since I think it is interesting, both for myself and others. I used to journal daily only in private, while obsessively lamenting my fear of publishing. Now I publish near-daily, yet lament that I don’t journal privately enough.

What I find, though, is that blogging does in fact seem to make me more focussed at times (and who knows, it might in fact help someone besides me).

I love you, blogging! (and you readers who respond in some way to my posts. You make it feel extra worthwhile, so you are golden. Thank you. ❤︎ 🏅🏆🎖) /


* * *

Nts 2019-09-11: Odd, found this post still marked Private… will one again attempt to make it public, now.

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