What it’s like to be the mom of four boys

22:33 basically hell. Also bits of heaven that make it worthwhile. And a lot of in-betweens that I don’t notice as much. I alternate between bad cop and mary poppins. It’s exhausting. Continuous sobriety definitely makes it more focused. That’s probably a good thing. 😉

* * *

p.s. have been (accidentally) experimenting. If you want tons of likes on your post, use keywords like “health” “wellness” “diet” “exercise.” lol. If you want less likes, or to temper the health likes, add “housewife” to the title. double lol.

Almost going to bed on time. Did all the things on my list. Oh except the fruits and veggies, and I mended 4 things instead of 5. The machine jammed and I was too tired to fix it. Didn’t make time to set up a podcast or show (as originally planned, as in kill two birds with one stone) while I was doing that. I had to do a lot of clearing up of the sewing area just to have space to sew and find bits of velcro etc. I cleaned the inflatable-ring pool (which has no filter) and weeded the flower garden some. That also takes time.

I wayyyy underestimated the time these things would take. I truly have a full-time job.

hope you are well, miss reading some of your blogs. Still loving Primrose’s blog. It’s quite amazing.

xo st

Grateful my older boys are eager to do yard work for chores money (but of course, to buy technology…) grateful to be a mom, I love my kids so much. suffering comes from fear I am not doing a good enough job. Even when I’m trying my ass off. So… feelings of futility. I know that love conquers fear and hope conquers futility. just when I’m tired I can’t remember that. Time to go to sleep.



4 thoughts on “What it’s like to be the mom of four boys

    1. Thanks a lot, very kind ❤ I'm so sorry, I feel bad now having published that, but I wanted to be honest. Need to count my blessings more often. Sometimes I try too hard instead of letting it be whatever it is. xoxo


      1. Oh, no worries at all. It’s fun hearing your stories, you do not need to be apologetic at all. This is your blog, darnit! Your life!! Lol. I need to focus on my own blessings more too! I just always thought it would be cool to have a larger family but there are probably some that envy my only having one. And others who would love to have even just one. And others who never want any. All of which is just fine! 🙂

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        1. You just brought a tear to my eye… thank you for your words… (Emotional this morning. I love love love mornings after alcohol-free evenings btw. The tears are usually happy ones. :))) yes I’ll admit I am sometimes envious of those with one, or three, and even those with none. I don’t ever ever mean I regret anything; each of them is a wonder to me and my only bad feeling is that I’m not a good enough mom for their awesomeness, even when trying my best. I just mean that I always imagined myself having a big family but had no idea that it wasn’t going to be like anne of green gables or sound of music or what have you, lol. In other words, I thought I could remain a child myself (carefree, tons of time etc) while having children AND a committed relationship (which also needs a lot of care and attention, as many of us know). I felt I should publish this piece so that anyone who needs to know it can know it. Thanks so much again for your super kind words. Something tells me you must be a wonderful mom. 💛


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