Really real housewifing (and self-love 101)

07:08 To do:

Loving myself the way I am.

Sit-ups followed by the rest of the exercises (one small action leads to another).

Wearing a cute dress instead of yoga pants for a change, yes, for myself, but also for the world (improving the world one summer dress at a time lol ;))).

Walk with younger kids around the lake before school as usual, after dropping off older kids.

Lunch with kids (grocery shop then picnic at park).

Dropping off shopping for aunt J (her car broke down).

Note: my chauffeuring time for today’s tally will be 45 km, on school runs alone (including lunch). (We life in the French countryside. Idyllic yes, but very little public transport and no good bike paths).

Laundry for 5 (1 is away) and other bare-minimum household tasks.

Mending (it’s kind of fun patching velcro shoes, boys’ cargo pants and husband trousers when you get into it — NOT. 😂 I’ll just knock five off the top, listen to a favourite TV show or podcast as a treat).

Eating five (raw) fruits/veggies. Drinking water in the sun. And meditating near the Tree. I’m going to try the Headspace app since I could use all the meditating help I can get at the moment. This app was mentioned by Primrose in her “About” page (Edit: and in many other wonderful posts, if you do a search for “Headspace” on her blog, as I have just done).

Feeling grateful instead guilty for the fact that I have a really nice life (in part because I worked hard to create it); at least, really nice if I choose to look at it that way.

Helping with homework after school, making brown rice and vegetarian chilli for dinner (every now and then I cook something that takes more than 10 minutes. But only because I have kids). Herding human cats into doing chores, for their own self-betterment; getting them to check their tech at the door at a certain hour (I’ve given myself the cute-shoe award for dealing with this day in and day out), reading a story and singing songs to the little ones at bedtime.

Yep looks like my schedule’s full.

Oh and BED BY 21:30 instead of blog-binging!!!!!

Yeah right. Okay 22:00. (Even that sounds hard… maybe 22:30.)

xo sober tree-lover

p.s. also: write blog post (07:31: done. Will post it after the school run, since last night blocked myself from using blogging apps for 8 hours, via SelfControl  the night before, as usual ;))).

p.p.s. I would put “stay sober” on the list but I don’t really need to, it’s part of my habit and not really a focus anymore. It only becomes an issue if some new sober challenge comes up (e.g. family visits, birthdays, seasonal triggers, etc.)

p.p.p.s. also: 10:36: adding links, periods and capitals to this post before publishing. Sadly not finding any “boho self-love ” memes in a jiffy, so no post image today. ;))

p.p.p.p.s. part of the self-love was writing this list. Sometimes I forget I’m useful, if to no one else then to my family at least. What will your list be?

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