Another amazing blog (and random notes on darling buds of may)

Just want to share this with you all. Super inspiring sobriety blog. One of those blooming writers and sharers who make you feel all jealous and grateful at the same time. Funny, light, deep, and just all-around awesome. Plus, she has the flower name (online, at least) of one of my favourite characters in The Darling Buds of May. (Though in my mind, her internal/external workings look more like Mariette — the tall, pretty, world-smart one who gets it all in the end. ;)))

(Er, sidenote to 1990s BBC/CBC series lovers: if you’re newly sober, or in any way suggestible to media that glamourizes/idyllicizes drinking booze at breakfast, lunch, dinner and anytime in between, don’t buy the DVD box set thinking “I’ll share this warm, flowery bit of my childhood/early adulthood cultural history with my own kids via weekly doses on Sunday family movie nights.” You might start drinking again. Not saying that happened to me. But it did, this past winter. That said, watching TDBOM again helped me understand yet another facet of how I grew up thinking booze was a necessary and natural part of enjoying everyday life. So in retrospect, all part of the process. And I still love the Larkins. ;))

The author has put her blog to rest for now (and perhaps forever), but it’s still online at the moment, rocking its full bloom. So read it while it’s still hot in the fields.

Voilà… Primrose’s blog, “Taking a New Path.”

Mrs D says that when we stop drinking we have to learn other ways of coping, and that those other ways work BETTER – I couldn’t agree more.  so nowadays I am considerably more open and honest with other people (and with myself). I reach out to others if I am having a crappy day. I run a lot and eat chocolate if I feel like it. I have used meditation, therapy and coaching to get me over specific obstacles. I have been writing a nightly gratitude journal for several years now which continues to shift my brain from a default grumpy to a slightly-less-grumpy state. I am continuing to work on having healthy boundaries with people who push my buttons. […]

via thoughts at five years sober — taking a new path

xo st

p.s. I came to see Primrose’s blog b/c she’d left a comment on an older post of Anne’s blog, Ainsobriety. Anne’s is another awesome blog, by the way.

So many awesome sobriety blogs out there. But I think there can never be enough and/or there is always room for more. We all speak to different people, in different ways, and at different times in their/our journeys.

Edit: p.p.s. Interesting (perhaps to me only) factoid: though I didn’t publish every day, I just noticed that this happens to be my 69th post, in 69 days of sobriety! It all feels so (a)symmetrical!

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