Day 36 – a few more notes on what seems to be working

In addition to these, from my Day 33 post, I’d like to mention these:

  • Having an anonymous, sobriety-focussed blog. The early days especially were satisfying.
  • Keeping track of the days. Days of sobriety feel like building blocks, or laying stones at the base of a future lighthouse tower. Just like days of  building any kind of habit, it has felt satisfying, this time around, at least, to keep stacking them up. My last 50-day stint, by the way, which I referred to in my Day 33 post (linked above), I had no idea what day I was on. I only counted them after the fact of having broken the chain. My first really long stint, begun last year around this time, I wasn’t counting days either, but then, I was completely in the pink cloud, through working the 12 steps in my journal, and had no need of day-counting. Till I promptly fell right off that cloud (by stopping my 12 steps work). I do have a sobriety app, it’s called “I Am Sober” but I rarely check it. The way I have been keeping track of days is through this blog. Funny, hey? Come to think of it maybe I should turn notifications on that app.
  • I haven’t been hanging out with anyone who drinks, except my husband, and he’s only here on weekends.
  • A bit of daily exercise. Key to my mental health.
  • Self-acceptance, self-acceptance, self-acceptance. I’m not accomplishing great things. I’m just staying sober. I don’t always feel great about that but I keep remembering to cut myself some slack. And I try not to play the comparison game. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” There are so many sober queens out there rocking the world, sometimes I wonder how they do it all. And then I think, let them do their thing and I’ll do mine. Which is at this moment just lying in bed.

I wish I could send lots of love right now but I’m feeling a little low. So all I can do is say, I hope you enjoy your day.

xo stl





9 thoughts on “Day 36 – a few more notes on what seems to be working

  1. I have to admit, I skipped all the other posts because I wanted to see where you are now. Wow…congratulations on one month (and a few days sober). I though I was in a dream when I did that but it wasn’t; I was actually living a sober life (to an extent). Acceptance is in the BB on p.417. That is huge for someone in early sobriety! Just remember too, the 9th Step “Promises” tell us, “…They are being fulfilled among us-sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. They will always materialize if we work for them.” I believe, if I put the necessary work in my sobriety, these will come true. Read my blog today and I’ll tell you how!

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