Day 32 – sobriety adds potential for healing

In the beginning of this journey, I believe I’ve mentioned before, I was hoping that not drinking would alleviate my blogging addiction, or any other addiction showing itself at the time, e.g. to chocolate, clothes shopping, etc.

But as I am well aware from previous attempts, quitting drinking does not at all solve all the problems. All it does is make me more ABLE to solve them. So even though it seems I have not progressed much, my POTENTIAL has increased exponentially. I just can’t reap all the rewards immediately. Which is as it should be, for anything of true value.

I have a very hungry ghost. Sobriety is painful in that it helps me see that ghost all the more clearly. But sobriety is helpful because what we see more clearly, we can deal with more effectively.

Thanks so much to you all, dear forest-y family.

Thanks for listening and understanding, and for sharing your stories, for showing your hungry ghosts. That helped me see mine.


2 thoughts on “Day 32 – sobriety adds potential for healing

  1. I really enjoy your positive outlook and love your point on your potential increasing while progress may be slow! Thank you for sharing your journey. Congrats on your 32 days and I hope you have experience success and happiness in your sobriety!

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