Day 28 – mini-update

22:48 My parents are here. Drove 6 hours (round trip) to pick them up from the airport. Stormy on the way there, sunny on the way back. They brought the sun! I am super happy that my dad is not drinking anymore. We’re peas in a pod! He’s one of my favourite people in the universe.

I am asking them both to tell me all their old stories again. This time I want to memorize them.

I went crazy on the caravan, before they arrived, and my third son helped me. It was a lot of fun, if you can even believe it! Also a ton of work. It’s sparkling clean now. I didn’t do any painting nor make the curtains, but we cleaned the outside as well as the inside, which was a massive grubby job. Also, I hung up some patio lanterns on the porch and it looks super homey!

So I feel pleased.

This morning I worked on formatting the interview. So there is progress on that front as well.

Really grateful for all of your blog posts, likes, and comments. I also love that I have what I consider to be my support group (you guys!) in my pocket. Pretty convenient when out and about, waiting at airports etc.!

So thanks again.

xo xo

lover of sobriety.

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