Day 21 – rocking spring break sober

09:53 Hi guys, just a quick update. Internet access is spotty-to-nonexistent here (a true blessing in some ways) so just a quick note to let you know all is well and I am still so grateful for my sobriety. I have more energy for the kids, played basketball, swam in the lake (even though it was cool and cloudy), nice hikes and before I left home I saw that I had even lost a few pounds! I do have a bit of an increased sweet tooth but I’m okay with that for now. One thing at a time right!? ;))

I’ve been reading old digital journals and it seriously blows my mind, all the documentation I’ve done on this journey towards being alcohol free, which I had completely forgotten about.

So write it down somewhere, friends. Whatever stage of the journey you’re at, whether pondering or curious or ashamed or sad or regretful or depressed, or decided or joyful, whether 10 words or 100 or 1000 per day, write it down. You will thank yourself later.

Thanks for all your support, lots of love,

One sober “tree,” in a contented forest of sobriety.’

[nts: tapped into the WordPress app on my phone, while on the road, published using 3G/roaming data (which doesn’t work well at the cottage), husband driving, he is with us for a few days]

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