Day 19 – time away (and deskporn)

08:56 today I’ll be taking a short holiday with the kids. I’ve already packed most of the stuff, which is a fairly major accomplishment in my books.

Not only that, but I actually DEALT WITH MOST OF THE PILE OF PAPERS on my desk and in my inboxes, some of which had been festering there for years. That was yesterday. Not sure what came over me but I think it had something to do with procrastinating about packing. I dislike packing (though I love unpacking), it stresses me out, so much so that I’ll do nearly anything to avoid it. In previous times I might have avoided it by relaxing in the sun of a Saturday, drinking sparkling wine; but since I had no urge to do that, and my head was thus not dulled by the subtle afternoon hangover from drinking wine rather than water to quench my thirst, I found myself motoring through kids’ artwork, travel notes, bills (including one from a year ago!?! seriously I don’t know how this happened, I used to be the Queen of Organization, then kids, and international moves, and then the kids got a bit older, and I had a bit too much free time to waste, I suppose…

So here I find myself, on this glorious April day, with a spotlessly clean desk, probably about 100 papers dealt with and filed including inspirational tidbits, all xmas cards responded to (I don’t send xmas cards, but I do reply by email, to the few that my dearest die-hard relatives and friends continue to send us), lost book found (but still not my Kindle!), stuff packed for the entire family, and feeling fantastic.

So grateful you all are here on WP, love reading your blogs, this is my support group. Happy we’re in it together ❤︎

And thanks for any and all encouragement; it means a lot to me.

p.s. here are the before and after photos.

before: my messy corner of the laundry room/coatroom/foyer/office
after! okay well it’s not spotless, and certainly not designer, but close enough for me!

I did a happy dance when I was done, it was as though I was drunk with accomplishment! And then I ACTUALLY MADE DINNER. Even though my husband was home (he is the more awesome cook in the family). Spicy veggie burritos, the kids’ favourite; with homemade chilli. While go-go dancing to loud music. I rock!!!! ;))

love y’all,

xo stl


2 thoughts on “Day 19 – time away (and deskporn)

  1. Fab. I was more organised for this trip too. Everything ready the night before and meals frozen ready, to limit the cooking we have to do in the camper = more time for sightseeing and hiking:)

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