Let’s party sober! Blogs/resources and come say hi ❤️

This path/bridge/stairway may lead to a really great sobriety-celebrating party! (Image credit: Pixabay)

While still in the high-on-(pink)-cloud-9-cake spirit, I’d like to invite a bunch of us to “party on” together… because I think the best part about blogging is the community aspect!

So many of us who seek or maintain sobriety can feel a bit (or a LOT) lonely at times (myself included) — whether we are actually alone, or surrounded by people. As many of us know, and as blogging-buddy Nelson and I were comment-chatting about, yesterday (—while I was at the grocery store, in fact! That’s the glorious thing about the blogging community! We can keep each other in our coat-pockets while browsing blueberry jams!—), the blogging community has helped us find new friends, which makes the journey so much more enjoyable and sustainable. So let’s keep it going!

Here are a few sobriety/recovery-journey blogs I’ve been reading, since starting here on WordPress, which you may or may not know of already, and/or might like to check out:

Sober and Well

Live your best life free from alcohol” – This was the blog I related to most, when I was contemplating stuff just before starting my own sobriety blog. 


“ON A JOURNEY TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF ME, 26 MONTHS ALCOHOL FREE! I am hoping to inspire others to put down the wine glass, stop drinking and pick up some weights (or any other exercise!) and start living a sober lifestyle! Aim to be the best version of you and feel STRONG both mentally and physically. I am a busy, 43 year old, wife and mother of two girls who loved her wine but didn’t have an OFF switch,EVER! My drinking habits were heading in the wrong direction and something needed to change. And believe me if I can make that change – YOU CAN! Trust me – YOU CAN DO THIS!”

DrunkvsLife; one woman’s battle to choose life over drink.
“I never thought I was addicted, until I attempted to live without it. I always thought I was drinking through choice and I could stop whenever I wanted. So why would I continue to drink even after humiliating myself and disappointing those I love? I’m ready to admit I’m hooked. But I’m ready to free myself from that hook. For good.”

I loved this blogger’s truthful accounts of getting off booze and rocking it through tough moments.

“I used to drink and now I don’t”
(a.k.a. Anna! Anna is the absolute bomb in so many ways, and is another one I was following just before starting this blog.)
“How I outed myself to find accountability, freedom and joy. A life without alcohol.”
Hurrah for Coffee! 
“My new sober adventure!”
THiS BLOG IS AMAZINGLY FUNNY and all around awesome.

One Drunk’s Tale 
“One Drunk’s battle with the bottle…” (a.k.a. Nelson! Nelson’s brave posting of his failures as well as his successes gave me courage to keep trying.)

Sober Asian Mum
(Understands blogging addiction, and started her blog not long before mine, so I already love this gal!)

“A diary of my sobriety”

winoholicblog – “(March 5, 2019:) Today is my day, 1095 of them to be exact. I can’t believe it’s been three years. I’m proud of myself.”

Flimsy Reed
“Thoughts over Coffee and Donuts” (a.k.a. Bryan B! First kind person to leave a comment on my blog!)

“My Journey to Staying Sober.” (a.k.a. Mrs Mac!)

“Welcome to my journey to end my addiction to wine!”

Untipsy Teacher
“A retired teacher has quit drinking” (a.k.a. Wendy! This one’s on Blogspot rather than WordPress)

“Learning how to be okay-ish again, one booze-free day at a time.” Sounds okay to me!

“Gratitude Serenity Happy”

Sober In Vegas

“exploring a sober friendly sin city”

“recovering from…me.”


Most of those I found by typing “sobriety” into the WordPress Reader search field (so add your tags/keywords if you want to be found, people!), and/or by reading comments on some of those posts. For more info on that, check this mini help-file by WordPress. Don’t add more than 15 tags and categories combined, or the post gets penalized!
p.s. A couple more awesome blogs below — sobriety is not their main topic, but I came across them by going down the suggested reads that WP offers up in Reader, at the bottom of other posts I’m reading:
“Love life and live it” (Her amazing writing, including beautifully-told tales of a difficult ayahuasca experience [note, possible triggers], and challenges living with a struggling partner.) 
“A spiritual being having a human experience.” (I just read his first-ever post last night, which tells his heart-wrenching story, beautifully and compassionately written, of living with an addict sister after his mother’s passing, and telling how marijuana really can be a gateway drug.)
* * *
Sorry the formatting is off on this post, something weird with “block editor” and it looks fine in edit mode but strange in publish mode! 
I’m super grateful to all of you amazing bloggers! 
p.p.s. If for some reason any of you prefer not to be on that list, lemme know by quick contact-page email and I’ll edit you out pronto! I completely understand! 
* * *
p.p.p.s. SINCERE SUPPORT-COMMUNITY INTERACTIONS ONLY, HERE, PLEASE  — i.e. this is not a sales opportunity!!!
I’m sorry this has to be said, but there are a lot of places preying on vulnerable folks out there.
Sales and profit is fine and all, in the right time and place, but the purpose of this post is for recovery-oriented folks to support EACH OTHER.  Further case in point, the addict-in-a-hole scenario, as shown in this post which has been shared by many, many bloggers, original author unknown (believe me I’ve been down the rabbit hole seeking the source this morning — the earliest mention I could find of it was 2014 on Facebook). I first read it via One Drunk’s Tale, who reposted it from I choose this link because it also leads to a recovery site that appears to support the parable’s philosophy (haven’t thoroughly checked it out yet, but it’s called The Daily Recovery Club:

* * *

Also, further resources:

AA Big Book (free online, and/or you can find it on Amazon or perhaps the library)

The AA 12 Steps (direct link to the 12 steps, which are part of Chapter Three of the AA Big Book)

AAOnline.net (an online AA-based meeting/chat place)

Club Soda UK (a non-drinking and mindful-drinking community)

Momastery (a.k.a. Glennon Doyle! Blogger-turned-author/activist extraordinaire!)

Hip Sobriety (a.k.a. Holly Glenn Whitaker, a.k.a. Tempest) and The Temper, a sobriety-mag started by Holly, with articles such as:

The Daily Recovery Club (“No bullsh*t” — just added this link now (10:12)!)
* * *
WHOO-HOOOO!!!!!! All these good folks, and words, to hang with.

Gals and guys, I know I didn’t do a great job of this. I’m missing a bunch of you, so please help fill in the blanks. Leave a comment with your own sobriety (or journeying-towards-sobriety) blog, no matter how irregularly updated etc., or any blogs/resources you enjoy reading or think might be helpful. Or just say hi!

Thank you to all you sobriety-loving/hopeful/maintaining/seeking bloggers! You help others with every post, mainly with your unflinching honesty and desire to improve. If we make even one person feel less alone… it’s worthwhile.

So tell me (if you feel like it!): where are you at in your sobriety (or sobriety-seeking) journey? What’s the hardest thing about it? What’s the best thing about it? What helps you the most?

Would love to hear from you. :)) Thanks a lot for being here now


One sober tree-lover.,
in an ever-hopeful forest 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤️🌲🌲🌲🌱🍃🌿💚🎉💛

8 thoughts on “Let’s party sober! Blogs/resources and come say hi ❤️

  1. Thank you for including me! As I further my story, I will cover a lot of sober living with my (former) addict partner. I hope it helps anyone on their journey to embracing their best self. 💖

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