Day 9 – Reading addiction. And celebration! (with cake! and thank you ❤️)

Hi everyone! Today is Day 9 of total sobriety for me. It started as a rough day, because I had to deal with the addiction of one of my sons: reading addiction.

My husband and I allowed him to have an e-reader for his birthday and I sort of regret it now, because I didn’t know how to manage it via my own account at that time, and he basically downloaded a bunch of pulp fiction and can’t seem to stop consuming it. So he’s sneaking it into his (shared) room, reading late into the night, and waking up early and so on…

I checked out what he was reading and it’s some kind of alien apocalypse romance… I guess it could be worse but still I felt like it could be a whole lot better as well.

So I had to figure out the whole family/parent e-reader account thing, and put a password on the device. Now he has access to all my e-books, which are mostly memoirs, self-help, writing-related things plus a few classics. I figured he could read those, if he’s really bored. Sort of like a kid will certainly eat their veggies, if that’s all there is on offer…

But I was unprepared for the dramatic reaction my son would have to having his pulp fiction out of reach. It started with anger, then denial, then a long period of grief. He’s basically been moaning like a dying animal…

I guess I understand that, though, because I sometimes still feel that way about giving up wine.

But I know it’s for the best. The hard work pays off in the end.

— Tree, what say you to me?

— You look tired as can be. You had better take care of your own digital reading addiction, before trying to control that of another

I think the tree is right. I definitely have a problem. A blog-reading problem! But it is also helping me.

In other news, I did something odd today. I bought a cake to celebrate my 9-day sobriety!

I’d read about celebrating soberversaries with cake, on one of your blogs (sorry I can’t remember which one, I’ve kind of been on a blog-reading binge!) and I loved that idea. I know most people wait a little longer, but I think it’s good to celebrate successes, no matter how small. Plus, I just really felt like having some cake. ;))

At first I thought I would make one, like I do for the kids’ birthdays, but then I saw some delish-looking ones in the grocery store and decided to take the easy route. So I bought a nice chocolatey number, and shared it with the kids after school — after sneaking a piece of it for breakfast-I-mean-lunch of course! The tree made me do it! (Just kidding. But also a bit serious…;)))

I haven’t mentioned this whole sobriety thing to my kids, because I’m not ready to do that yet, and I don’t think they really noticed much of a problem. But I did want to include them in my celebration.

I didn’t hide it or anything; I just didn’t announce it outright. I’m a bit weird in general, luckily, so the kids didn’t bat an eye when I said, as I lit the number-9 candle (I have those number decoration thingamabobs on stock for all the birthdays), “This cake is brought to you by…. THE NUMBER NINE!”

Then I led a round of the Happy Birthday song but with the words “Happy number nine” instead. Followed by nine hip-hip-HOORAAAAAAYS!!!! (I know, I’m cray-cray.)

Yes it was a true “hurrah for cake” moment for the kids, and a “hurrah for nine” (days without wine) moment for me.

I felt really grateful and happy about finding this weird, fun, celebrating-without-wine side of me again. And I owe thanks for that, in part, to you all, fellow bloggers! 

Your blogs help me a lot. So I’m basically offering you each a virtual piece of cake.  🎂 ❤️ Enjoy, and thank you for being here now!!!

Cake is nicer when it’s shared. So is sobriety. Let’s party on, dudes!



Your fellow sobriety-loving partier ❤️🎉🌲

p.s. in what ways do you celebrate sobriety? Would love to hear!


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