One week of sobriety! — and recommended sobriety blog ❤️ “sober and well”

22:49-ish. Well, I did it. Not that I haven’t done it before. But still, I feel really happy about it!

Last week I was going to bed around this time too. But the scene was quite different. That night, I’d drunk a whole bottle of red wine. It was an unusually slim-looking bottle, and somehow it was just “gone” before I knew it…

This week, same time, instead of a bottle of wine, I have just finished the following:

  1. Doing all the homework with the kids, even though tomorrow is a day off
  2. Wrapping a present for a birthday party tomorrow
  3. Making dinner, and serving it on time (and it wasn’t overcooked!)
  4. Reading, comprehending & deciding on all the myriad little yes/no forms from school that the kids bring home (including a detailed application for the next level of schooling, for my eldest son, AND getting him to sit beside me the entire time, so he could learn about forms as well — man I deserve an award for this alone!)
  5. Opening, reading, stapling and filing two pieces of mail
  6. Opening, reading and paying two bills besides the other mail!!!!
  7. Doing a managerial, decision-making-related task which I had put off for too long
  8. Watching the second Harry Potter movie (The Chamber of Secrets) with my kids AND telling them J.K. Rowling’s inspiring success story AND showing them an awesome 10-minute short YouTube video on how to write a novel AS WELL AS Evan Carmichael’s YouTube curation of J.K. Rowling’s Top 10 Rules for Success! (The only way they’ll watch these inspirational things with full attention is if it’s post feature movie, and preferably past their bedtime!)
  9. Braving an argument with my eldest son to get him to do the dishes (as it is his chore), instead of taking the easy way out and doing them myself (or worse, leaving them till tomorrow)
  10. Writing this blog post!

And that was all after 17:00 (5 p.m.) Before that, I’d had a day of self-care and indulging in creative pursuits, plus school runs and (very) light housework. I cannot enough stress the importance of self-care in whatever way you can create it, find it or manage it. For example, instead of grabbing a slice of bread and cheese for lunch, I made myself a quick and beautiful plate of fresh green salad, with grated carrot, taboulé (both the latter come pre-prepared and I used them as toppings) and slices of brie. Also, I made myself take that walk around the lake before school, this morning, even though the kids didn’t want to and to be honest, neither did I. It rained just a little, which made it more refreshing!

Sometimes you just have to make yourself start doing something, and you end up enjoying it so much, if you focus on the positive stuff.

I am feeling pretty dang proud of myself. Bonus: the kids and I all had the same drinks tonight. (Water, plus some cola for movie night.) There was none of that “how old will I be before I get to drink wine/beer” line of questioning. (I’m not saying it’s bad to ask such questions nor to answer them, it’s just nice when that doesn’t happen *because* your kids want to emulate your wine-drinking. Lol but definitely not-lol.)

Please, Tree, let me keep it going. Thanks dear Universe for all your help, you made this possible and I thank you so much.

Another person I would like to thank is the author of Sober and Well. Such an inspiring alcohol-free blog! She’ll have been sober for one whole year this April, and she’s giving all the money she will have saved from not drinking this year to a local hospice. I highly recommended her blog for tips, self-care and general positive good vibes. Just start at the beginning and work your way up, or vice versa. Her posts are wonderfully concise yet personal, and just all around kick-ass.

And thanks so much to those of you who have read and responded (liked/commented on) my posts. Your kindness means the world to me, and makes publishing feel worthwhile.

Happy Tuesday,

One currently sobriety-loving person

p.s. Post image by Pixabay via Pexels. My life tastes so much more like a fresh, juicy apple, this day, rather than like a pile of rotting, fermented grapes. I truly feel sober, aware and well. ❤️






8 thoughts on “One week of sobriety! — and recommended sobriety blog ❤️ “sober and well”

  1. Amazing how much time we have when we are not drinking our lives away. Congratulations on such a productive path!! And for setting a good example for your children😊
    Thank you for your kind words, they truly mean s lot to me❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true. Every time I would return to old patterns I would convince myself differently, or justify it in some way. My hope is that by keeping this blog, I can leave a reminder of the incredible positive (but also challenging) benefits of being completely alcohol-free. Thanks again for all your inspiration ❤️


  2. Heck yeah! I always say – I never have regretted a sober night. Congrats on your productivity, it’s a good feeling:)

    Liked by 1 person

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